Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daily Discounts: Two

Want to look gorgeous but on a budget? No fear, the daily discounts are here! Today, Madame is bringing you a gorgeous top from Kohl's:

LC Lauren Conrad Shirred Poncho Top

Purchase it today for $14.40 at! It is called the LC Lauren Conrad Shirred Poncho Top. What do you think? Leave a comment! If you buy it and wear it, send me a pic at to be featured on the blog.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Madame's Designs: Two

Madame’s Designs: Two

This is a Banana Republic inspired outfit, to celebrate summer but still stay professionally stylish for work. An outfit any working woman will appreciate during the hot commute to her job and then relax in at her air-conditioned office. Here is the picture, with all accessories (except for the blazer) and shoes shown separately:

Items used:
-White denim skirt
-Silk safari tank
-Seersucker blazer
-Tonya braided t-strap sandal
-Slouchy nylon hobo

The blazer, tank, and skirt make for a casual yet professional look, and the glittery sandals add a bit of fun to the outfit. The slouchy nylon hobo is for a laidback, relaxed touch. The components of this outfit set off each other perfectly and complement each other’s different yet unique style.

Bold and Daring This Summer in Clothes

This summer, neons and electric colors are in, and drab browns, grays, and creams are out! Check out the fantastic list I've compiled of must-haves in your wardrobe this summer:

-Neon Mesh Inset Top:
neon tops-neon mesh inset top
Buy it for $24.50 at Delia's!

-Wyatt neon orange and grey striped jersey pocket tank:
neon tops-wyatt neon orange and grey striped jersey pocket tank
Buy it for $38 at Bluefly!

-Lace on Neon Button Up Top:
neon tops-lace on neon button up top
Buy it for $28 at Boutique to You!

-Forever 21 Neon Slub Knit Top:
neon tops-forever 21 neon slub knit top
Buy it for $14.80 at Forever 21!

-Forever 21 Neon Zebra Stripes Top:
neon tops-forever 21 neon zebra stripes top
Buy it for $15.80 at Forever 21!

-Neon Sequin Front Racerback Tank:
neon tops-neon sequin front racerback tank
Buy it for $24.50 at Delia's!

-Alyx Neon Stripe High-Low Top:
neon tops-alyx neon stripe highlow top
Buy it for $20 at JCPenney

-JB by Julie Brown neon green chiffon pleated rosette "Evan:"
neon dress-jb by julie brown neon green chiffon pleated rosette evan one shoulder dress
Buy it for $159 at Bluefly!

-Cut Out Dress in Neon Carnival by Naven:
neon dress-cut out dress in neon carnival by naven
Buy it for $308 at Singer22!

-Neon Lace Tube Dress:
neon dress-neon lace tube dress
Buy it for $28.99 at Charlotte Russe!

-Michael Kors Stretch Boucle Dress, Neon:
neon dress-michael kors stretch boucle dress neon
Buy it for $1,068 at Neiman Marcus!

-Naven Monroe Shorts in Neon Yellow:
neon dress-naven monroe shorts in neon yellow
Buy it for $88 at Boutique to You!

-Matthew Williamson Neon Coral Silk Drape Dress:
neon dress-matthew williamson neon coral silk drape dress
Buy it for $1,350 at SSENSE!

-Tall Neon Lace Dress:
neon dress-tall neon lace dress
Buy it for $92 at Topshop!

-Belted Neon 2-Fer Dress:
neon dress-belted neon 2fer dress
Buy it for $24.99 at Charlotte Russe!

-Reverse Aztec Bustier Neon Dress:
neon dress-reverse aztec bustier neon dress
Buy it for $78.28 at Asos!

Remember, while you should take hints from the trends, incorporate a little of your own style into your outfit too. If you don't like all neons, mix in some funky, electric purples, or deep crimsons. Mix and match! If you have a cute neon outfit, send a pic to me at to be featured on the blog. Stay tuned for a possible neon accessories post!

Bold and Daring This Summer

Embrace the bold, the daring, the wild! Take a break from your soft, sweet side and be brave with your makeup. Tips for the summer:

-DO wear mint green lipstick:
 $15.99 at
-DO wear sparkly, light purple eye dust:

$7.00 at

-DO wear lavender purple lipstick:                                                $15.99 at

-DO wear brick red eye dust:
$7.00 at

-DO wear bubblegum blue lipstick:                                          $15.99 at

-DO wear glittery, pinkish-reddish eye dust:
$7.00 at

-DO wear gold, coppery, glossy lipstick:
$8.00 at

-DO wear extremely bright and eye-catching pink eye dust:
$7.00 at

-DO wear electric kiwi eyeshadow:

$8.00 at

-DO wear electric pink eyeshadow:

$8.00 at

-DO wear liquid orange eyeliner:
MAKE UP FOR EVER - Aquarelle
$21.00 at

-DO wear sparkly electric yellow nail polish:
Kat Von D - High Voltage Lacquer
$7.00-12.00 at

These are just a few suggestions to kick start your summer, but remember, be bold and free. Try as many neons and electric colors as you can--make yourself pop with your brightness! If you want to experiment a bit with your own style, add some dark colors like maroon and deep purple. Mix and match this summer--in order to look carefree and flirtatious, you want to strike a just right combination of colors with your makeup and clothes. (I might post a list of suggestions of neon and electric clothes for the summer!) If you have any pics of yourself wearing neon, electric, or mixed-and-matched makeup, email me at to be featured on the blog.

Daily Discounts: One

This is a new series of posts I hope to continue, called Daily Discounts, where I find cheap and beautiful items for you under the price of fifteen dollars. Today, I am introducing our first daily discount:

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Tiered Dress - Assorted Colors

This is a Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Tiered Dress-Assorted Colors piece, priced at $12.60 on It has been marked down from eighteen dollars and is a real steal! Order from Target today for a cute dress under the price of fifteen dollars.

What do you think of today's daily discount? Have you found a great steal online for under fifteen dollars? Leave a comment or email me at

New and Fresh Fragrance!

Madame was doing a bit of shopping at Swarovski, the gorgeous store with beautiful crystal sculptures, and decided to take a sample of their new fragrance called Aura. And it smells positively heavenly! To me, Aura smells classically elegant, but there's a bit of freshness, almost like a whiff of newly blooming flowers combined with hints of sandalwood and vanilla. Purchase Aura right away at your nearest Swarovski, or online, for $65 for a one ounce bottle. Well worth the extravagant price! Here's a pic:

Buy your own bottle at today, and if you can't afford the fragrance, pick up a sample from your nearest Swarovski.

Coca Rocha at the Met Gala 2012

Who: Coca Rocha, a natural beauty in the Hollywood world.
Where: The Met Gala of 2012.
What: A bright and colorful creation from vintage Givenchy. Check it out:

What Madame thinks:

Yes, please! Another star in Givenchy, and this time, the look is pulled off perfectly. It could have been childish, and was almost going to, but those sleek pink pumps add a hint of understated elegance to the outfit. And I love those pink highlights! They look great against her silky brown hair. Keep up the excellent work, Ms. Rocha!