Saturday, May 26, 2012

Madame's Designs: Two

Madame’s Designs: Two

This is a Banana Republic inspired outfit, to celebrate summer but still stay professionally stylish for work. An outfit any working woman will appreciate during the hot commute to her job and then relax in at her air-conditioned office. Here is the picture, with all accessories (except for the blazer) and shoes shown separately:

Items used:
-White denim skirt
-Silk safari tank
-Seersucker blazer
-Tonya braided t-strap sandal
-Slouchy nylon hobo

The blazer, tank, and skirt make for a casual yet professional look, and the glittery sandals add a bit of fun to the outfit. The slouchy nylon hobo is for a laidback, relaxed touch. The components of this outfit set off each other perfectly and complement each other’s different yet unique style.

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