Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bold and Daring This Summer

Embrace the bold, the daring, the wild! Take a break from your soft, sweet side and be brave with your makeup. Tips for the summer:

-DO wear mint green lipstick:
 $15.99 at
-DO wear sparkly, light purple eye dust:

$7.00 at

-DO wear lavender purple lipstick:                                                $15.99 at

-DO wear brick red eye dust:
$7.00 at

-DO wear bubblegum blue lipstick:                                          $15.99 at

-DO wear glittery, pinkish-reddish eye dust:
$7.00 at

-DO wear gold, coppery, glossy lipstick:
$8.00 at

-DO wear extremely bright and eye-catching pink eye dust:
$7.00 at

-DO wear electric kiwi eyeshadow:

$8.00 at

-DO wear electric pink eyeshadow:

$8.00 at

-DO wear liquid orange eyeliner:
MAKE UP FOR EVER - Aquarelle
$21.00 at

-DO wear sparkly electric yellow nail polish:
Kat Von D - High Voltage Lacquer
$7.00-12.00 at

These are just a few suggestions to kick start your summer, but remember, be bold and free. Try as many neons and electric colors as you can--make yourself pop with your brightness! If you want to experiment a bit with your own style, add some dark colors like maroon and deep purple. Mix and match this summer--in order to look carefree and flirtatious, you want to strike a just right combination of colors with your makeup and clothes. (I might post a list of suggestions of neon and electric clothes for the summer!) If you have any pics of yourself wearing neon, electric, or mixed-and-matched makeup, email me at to be featured on the blog.

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