Friday, May 25, 2012

Ring Finger Nail Polish Trend

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To kick off the summer, Madame's Manolos is presenting you the new way to paint your nails. The new craze is to paint your ring finger's nail a color that complements the color of all your other nails. Check it out:

(Picture from

Madame's recommendations are the combinations you want to try before heading to the beach or a party:

-Baby blue and baby pink, like the picture above
-Green for ring finger, yellow for others
-Dark blue for ring finger, purple for others
-Brown for ring finger, pink for others
-Black for ring finger, white for others

Are you going to try this trend? If you do, make sure to send Madame's Manolos your polished pic at! If we love the look, we'll do a special feature on your gorgeous nails.

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